This is May. She’s dressing like She’s French today.

May was introduced in the Studio Museum of Harlem’s catalog in 2008 as one of their coloring pages.  She is eight years old and lives in Brooklyn.  Sweet and shy, May loves anything pretty and girly.  She is a mother’s dream.  Her constant companion is her stuffed animal, Bunny Bunny. May has a broad imagination and loves to pretend, dress up, read, sing, dance and play!  May is sensitive and thoughtful.  She loves being around her Mom and Dad. Her Grandma says she’s sweet as pie!

This is from “May, Rain or Shine”
May ready for bed. Bunny Bunny in tow.
Moose & Katie heart the beach.

Katie is a preppie teenager.  Her best friend is Moose.  BFFs4ever!   They go everywhere together.  Katie is a spark plug.  And she’s a real sweetheart to boot!  She tends to be everyone’s friend.  She is high energy, very social and outgoing.  She has lots of activities that keep her busy.  She’s on teams at schools, has lots of friends to keep up with, she gets  invited to parties, she and Moose visit the Senior home most days after school.  It’s the summer, so she’s a little more laid back now, but there’s adventure around every corner.  She and Moose head to the beach.  Moose is a real boy dog. He gets into messes and scrapes but always has Katie’s back.

Katie always wears a hat at the beach.
Moose and Katie strike a pose.
This is Sunny. She has a kooky style. Her friends Jisella, Joella, and Jose call her “Willi-Belle” because she dresses like the girls in Williamsburg.

Sunny is a Fashion Fiend. She’s eleven. She has fantastic style! She loves clothing and accessories.  She loves to mix patterns together.  She frowns on anything that matches!  She’s a true individual. She has a real love of beauty and art. She has a quirky sensibility.   She sews and adds special details to her clothing. And she loves to make her own accessories.  She made the polka dot bow in her hair. Her Grandma gave her some old sunglasses and she popped the lenses out and wears them for fun.  She thinks they make her look sophisticated!  She loves her grandmother’s closet and usually gets her to lend her things for special occasions.  Sunny likes to read graphic novels and play video games.  She loves to listen to music and is very crafty.  She’s a real collector.  Right now she’s collecting buttons and pins.

Sunny collects pins.
Sunny hearts apps!

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  1. saoirse says:

    i love all the paper dolls and their outfits sooooooooooooooo much !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Joseph Pedlar, CFP, CLU, ChFC says:

    Awesome! Inspiring! Just what our young ladies need. Pretty Smart!

  3. Luv these dolls! I’ll have to stop by the pop up store and show my support. 😀

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