My first “a drawing a day”!

Hi Everyone!

I just posted my first “a drawing a day!”  Every day I will post a drawing a day to the site.  They are really doodles.  Just a way to say hello and to keep connected with you all.  I will do everything I can to post a drawing every day, and if I miss a day, I promise to catch up quickly! So look out for them!  Go to the “A Drawing A Day” page and enjoy!   Check in tomorrow, and everyday, for a new sketch!


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  1. Aunt Sue says:

    Good morning on this beautiful day, Elaine! I’m watching for your ‘drawing a day’ but so far have only seen the June 7th day. I just love this concept and the stories… please tell me how to get to your daily drawings. be well, and enjoy continued and super great success!

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