May says "au voir" to Paris along the Siene. Many thanks to Crystal for taking May along. Stay tuned! Crystal takes Katie and Moose to the Caribbean over the Holidays.... I can't wait to see what they wear and what they will see!
May at my favorite museum, Musee D’0rsay. This is where so many of the beautiful French Impressionist paintings live!!! I particularly love the Post Impressionist paintings there by Bonnard, Vuillard, Degas and the gorgeous pastels of Toulouse-Lautrec.   How lucky is May?!May at Marie Antoinette’s farm. Good thing May packed her boots!
More of the farm at Versailles
May at Versailles
May at Versailles
Crystal and May can’t get enough CHANEL! Who can blame them!!! Show us more!!!! Paris looks good on Crystal, don’t you think? XO
May atop Sacre Coeur, or the Sacred Heart Church outside Paris in Montmartre.
More Chanel at Printemps! Don’t you wish you could see it in person?! I sure do!!
Gorgeous Chanel windows at Printemps!  This display is of the Russian Ballet!
May at Colette. The hippest boutique in Paris.  This is THE fashion destination for all things hip and cool.  They have couture mixed with comic books there!  You never know what you’ll find!  Tres chic, no?!
May at La Duree in Paris! Crystal knows it is my favorite!!! I’m so happy May got to go! The vanilla macarons are heavenly!
May at the Liberty Memorial.
May still loves NY!
May at the Eiffel Tower

Crystal, our favorite Dumbellina, has hit the road again.  This time to Paris!  And this time, May is tagging along.  Here’s some shots from their first day abroad…

May is shopping for vintage Chanel. Crystal must be on the hunt for something very special! I see May has a Chanel shopping bag! I can't wait to see what they found!
May at the Ferris Wheel!
May at the Pyramids at the Louvre. C'est Bon!
May at Jardin des Tuileries


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