Dumbelle was a store for girls in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass).

I am Elaine Pedlar, the owner and artist behind Dumbelle.  As an illustrator and designer, I have a long history in fashion.  I majored in Fashion Design at Parsons  and have worked as a design executive in the fashion industry ever since.  I have combined my love of illustration, children’s books, fashion, and design to create a line of couture paper dolls that appeal to style conscious moms and their daughters alike.

The dolls are multicultural. Just like Brooklyn itself.  Just like the world too; May, Katie & Moose, and Sunny.

Their clothing is designed to suit their unique personalities.  Katie is preppy, May is sweet and girly, and Sunny has an individual quirky style all her own. Each season the clothing is newly designed and revealed during Fashion week where I premiere all the Belles’ new clothing for Fall. There is a limited quality to the collection that makes them very collectable. Once the new season is launched, the old season will go away and not be available again.

I originally conceived the paper dolls as a Mother/Daughter project.  The daughter colors, and the mother cuts.  But I have quickly learned that it appeals to children of all ages and genders.  But I do love it when the parent comes and colors along with their children.  They all have a nice chat.  And learn some new coloring and rendering techniques.

Coloring is for everyone.  Something an aunt can do with her niece or a grandmother can do with her daughter and grandchildren.  A Dad could color the dog, Moose, while the young ones color the outfits…

Paper dolls may perish but creative play can nurture not only dreams and imagination but lasting bonds and memories.

I hope you enjoy these paper dolls and coloring pages with your family.

Dumbelle, where dreamers and fashion lovers create and play.

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