These are my “Adoreabelles”; my loving clients who visited, colored and played at Dumbelle.  I love these young ones.  It was my great pleasure to watch them create and play with May, Katie & Moose, and Sunny.


Lux colored Katie! Adorabelle!!
Lux and Katie!

Happy Birthday SARAH!

Chloe, Our newest DUMBELLINA, with her cousins Annie and Hope. I love these girls! XOXO
Chloe, Our newest DUMBELLINA, with her cousins Annie and Hope.
I love these girls! XOXO



IMG_6707 IMG_6710_2 IMG_6711 IMG_6716 IMG_6718 IMG_6722 IMG_6724 IMG_6725 IMG_6731

Happy Birthday SARAH!


Happy Birthday LENA! XOXO!!!
Happy Birthday LENA!


Lena and Christy

Happy Birthday FRANCES!! She is the sweetest girl! XO
Happy Birthday FRANCES!!
She is the sweetest girl!

IMG_6479 IMG_6480 IMG_6483 IMG_6484 IMG_6488
DANCING AT DUMBELLE!  I love it when that happens!

Happy Birthday Simone!
Happy Birthday Simone!


Zoe and her handy work!
Zoe and her handy work!  Mustache Fever!!! Check out the Sunny drawings she did on her own!  Sunny with a side pony! XO
Amelia and her gorgeous May Princess!
Amelia and her gorgeous May Princess!

zoe & Amelia IMG_6440 IMG_6439

IMG_6418 IMG_6417 IMG_6415 IMG_6412 IMG_6407 IMG_6406 IMG_6405 IMG_6403

IMG_6395HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZINA!!!  I HEART YOU!   And the MJ Jacket!  Beat It!! XOXOXO

IMG_6393 IMG_6391 IMG_6388


IMG_6317 IMG_6323

Happy Birthday CHLOE!!!  XOXO

IMG_6196 IMG_6201

IMG_6198 IMG_6199


IMG_6203JASMINE FROM MAMSELLE’S TEAS AND TARTS Mother’s Day Tea Party.  She has delicous teas and tarts for sale.  She caters my Mother/Daughter Tea Parties.  She’s a lawyer and entrepeneur.  Stop by and try the tarts!


Camiah’s Birthday!!  She’s the one in the paper necklace.  ;
Ava’s Birthday!  She’s the one in the paper necklace.

Look at LOVE! She’s so grown up! Remember her from earlier posts? She’s still adorabelle!
And Harry came too! XO
Willa came to play! XOXO
Hannah’s birthday!
Look how gorgeous Madison is!!! She has gotten so tall. Her style is still so playful and sparkly! I love it! Come back soon! XO
The boys are back at Dumbelle! Look at their amazing drawings! So cool!
This is Viola!  It’s her birthday. This her pre-confetti!    XO
It’s Noli’s birthday!!! She looks fabulous!

Fall Coloring Classes at Dumbelle!!! Keep an eye out for upcoming classes!

Lola practices her rendering skills! She’s becoming an expert! XO
Zoe’s birthday!
TERRIFYING and FABULOUS!! Family Ghouls!
Sebrina killed it on Halloween!

Happy Birthday ATG! XOXO

Jessie designed and made all of these outfits for her dolls. I especially love the matching hats! She’s talented!
Lila’s birthday
Robert Pedlar in the house! XOXO
Liz had her surprise baby shower at Dumbelle!
Georgia colors!

Dumbelleenas: Crystal and Lola celebrate her birthday at Dumbelle!


Closed for Chloe’s party

Happy Birthday Dear Chloe!
Jessie’s Fireworks birthday

Sabrina and Noli color!
Saoirse came to color!!! It’s not a party at Dumbelle until Saoirse shows up! XO
Little William drew The Manhattan Bridge when he came for the party! He and his brothers are so talented!
Kathleen and Toni stop by to color at the party. Toni loves Moose! She bought a Moose pillow a few weeks back. I hope she loves him as much as I do!
Alexandria shows off her work. She created the entire Katie page herself on the tracing table. She’s going to be designing on her own in no time! Great job Alexandria the Great! XO

Ari and Aerin color with their mom. XOXO Ladies!
ATG and SLou
Sophie at the color wall.
I heart Zoe and En Sophie!

Alexandria and William trace their own drawings on the light bench.
Amelia colors on the coloring wall.
Ari and Aerin color with their mom. XOXO Ladies!
this is Ian. He came to our opening with his Mom and friend Audrey. He colored Moose on the coloring wall and did a very nice job I might add!

These sissies came in with their cousin. They were so cute!

This little one came to color! And she brought her friend!!! Coloring is always best with a BFF!

These girls love to color as much as I do!

This is Izzy. Her Aunt Christina came in and got Sunny for her because she thought she would love her. She was right!
Izzy cuts out Sunny
Alexandria sewed this doll by hand. I taught her a simple stitch so she could sew it together and then she stuffed it and her Grandma helped her hand finish the bottom closed. Then Alexandria colored Katie in and SEWED a necklace onto her with beads!!! AMAZING! I love this girl to pieces!!! So creative. She even has colored streaks in her hair!  She did a lovely job don’t you think!?!
Alexandria The Great is back! She colored this Fall Katie doll perfectly… But wait until I show you what she did to the Spring Katie doll….
Yang and Ming are back at Dumbelle! I love these boys so much! XOXO!!!

These girls love to color as much as I do!
These sissies came in with their cousin. They were so cute!

Maxie has on paper glasses and Claire colored in her May puffs! These ladies are awesome! Come back soon!!! XOXOX
Claire wanted May hair. And boy did she get it!!! SHe looks so cute!
Maxie Bun Bun and Claire Bunny do a dance for me during a coloring break.
Claire and Maxie came to Dumbelle for a BFF session. It was Maxie’s birthday and Claire’s present for her. Claire’s favorite character is May and Maxie likes Katie. They are so sweet! We had the best time together!!!
This is Lily. She came to Dumbelle to shoot a scene for GENTRIFIED, a web series. She’s adorabelle to the max! Check her out!!!
Sisters! Come back soon!!!
So cute!!!
Two of my favorite Adorabelles drop by. XO
How cute is Evelyn?!!!
This Adorabelle is dressed for ballet. Just like May! XO
Ella, Pien, Zoe and Lifa show off their gorgeous dolls and designs. They designed some of the doll’s outfits themselves!!! This is a talented bunch of Adorabelles! XOXO
This is Lifa and Pien. They are sisters and friends of Zoe and Ella’s from the Netherlands. They are in NYC for a few months and came by Dumbelle to color. Pien wants to be a designer Lifa is still undecided, but likes design too. They both have a talent for it! I hope they come back soon!
This is Zoe. Back again to color Sunny. She’s almost done with Sunny! Today she designed THREE outfits for Sunny!
Ella reads Katie’s story to everyone.  Ella colored Katie and also added a few more thing to her list of what to be when she grows up.  The latest addition to  singer, designer, dancer, pastry chef and cook is Olympic Athlete.  That’s the spirit!  If anyone can do it, it’s this girl!
Aerin and Ari stop by again! How cute are their summer outfits!!! I heart these ladies! They dropped by on their way to the carousel. Come back soon Ladies!
This Adoreabelle is Akasha. I love her hair! My mom used to put those balls in my hair when I was her age. Especially in the summer! So old school and So cute!
Georgia stopped by to give her best wishes to Dumbelle on our First birthday! We like to talk about ANTM, Georgia’s favorite show. She only gets to watch on the weekends, but she’s a big fan.
Here’s Mia! Back at Dumbelle again for more coloring pages! She got a page to color with one of her friends too! Mia asked me to design a doll with brown hair named Mia, that likes hip-hop… sound familiar! It’s a good idea! Plus my muse could not be cuter! I better get to work!
These two could not be sweeter! Two of my favorite Adorabelles ever!
This is Angelica. She came in today and colored. She’s a sweetie! She is an aspiring artist and is wonderfully creative. Keep pursuing your creative dreams Angelica! XOXO
Zoe stopped by in a long flowing dress! Tres Chic! (She is studying French…)
Jess came to Dumbelle’s birthday party. She colored her outfit like the one she is wearing!
Sarah tries on a kimono for a school function. Isn’t it fantastic?! I love it! So exotic! Sunny is so going to want one now!
Sarah designed a couple of outfits for Sunny and Katie! Aren’t they amazing?! Sunny has overalls and cowboy boots! Sarah came by with her Mom to wish Dumbelle a happy birthday and to deliver these fabulous designs to me! Sarah is one of my favorite Adorabelles. She’s always at all the events and she’s the one that decided that Sunny should be a vampire fairy this past Halloween.  She’s terrific! Thanks for the drawings Sarah!! XOXO
Dumbelle turned One on May 19th. I made a wish and hope it comes true. Thank you to all my Adoreabelles! Dumbelle would not exist without you!  Thanks to Sarah for snapping this photo!  XOXO
Eliana did such a fine job coloring her page. She colored May because it was her birthday. She’s such a sweetheart! Happy Birthday Eliana!
Everyone’s dolls look so different. Like a snowflake. No two are alike.
Everyone chooses their favorite character. Eliana chose May’s Birthday Party/ Sleepover page to color.
The ladies color!
Eliana celebrated her birthday with her BFFs, Shira, Leah, Leah, Isabelle, Noa, Rebecca, Elliane, and Mia.
Happy Birthday Eliana!
Our newest Adorabelle is Mia. Isn’t she sweet? She just had a hip-hop birthday party where they did “the coffee grinder”. Mia is getting good at it.  She showed me some cool moves when she came by with her mom. Mia likes Katie and she colored her with black hair. I love it!  Reminds me of Snow White. XO
This is Allie. She’s very creative. She likes to draw. Me too! Keep drawing Allie!
This cutie is Ellery. And she brought Minnie with her. I heart Minnie Mouse too!
Joella and Jisella color cloth dolls at Dumbelle. We had a fine time together. They were one of Dumbelle’s first customers. It was wonderful to see them again. XO
Joella, Jisella and Noli in lovely dresses. The ladies drop by Dumbelle after Sabrina’s birthday party. Don’t they look pretty!
Georgia stops by with the lowdown on the Diesel shoot. Here she is modeling jewelry.
How cute!
Aril and Airynn came to visit at Dumbelle! Check out their motorcycle jackets! I LOVE these girls! XO
Isn’t she creatively inventive looking! She looks like she will be a photo journalist or an editor of a newspaper when she gets older.  She and Sunny would be friends for sure!
This is Piper. She’s tres chic! She stopped by and colored a Katie Doll! She did a great job!
It’s Yamila’s birthday so she invited her BFF’s to Dumbelle to color! Yamila is the one holding the Katie doll she colored.  She did a fantastic job, don’t you think?!   She wanted to do something special for her party, so we colored the stuffed dolls for the first time at a party. So clever! It was so much fun!
The girls show off their colored dolls!
The girls pose in jewelry!  Delila, Claire, Eve, Bijou, Lila, Yamila, Sasha and Margaux are all gorgeous in jewels!
Claire did a very fine job of coloring Moose!
Sunny came out awesome!!! I love her with light brown hair!
Lila + Moose 4Ever!
Bijou did a great job coloring Moose!
Look how fabulous!!!
Margaux colors May.
Yamila colors her Katie Doll. She did a fabulous job on it!!!
Claire did a wonderful job with Moose! She colored a rainbow on the back side. I love it!
Connie is pretty and smart!
Jenny looks happy and dreaming here at Dumbelle.
The Ladies color!
This is Connie. How cute is she?! She’s equally sweet.  I love her style!  It reminds me of Sunny!  Which is why she chose Sunny to color!  They are alike in being different.
Connie wants to be a stylist.  Which is a pretty good idea considering she’s got fantastic style.  She colored Sunny in the most sophisticated way. She has a future in fashion.
Polyanna is a sweetheart. We played Tea together. She made hot chocolate for her sister and stuffed animal Tigo and Moose.  She looks like and angel in this outfit until….
…Jenny reveals Polly’s rock and roll alter ego beneath!  Trouble in ruffles.

Moose and Tigo are dressed for Tea. They dressed up for us!
THE Jenny Powell. Resplendent in Paper jewels.  I was so happy to have Jenny and her family in my store all the way from the UK.  They were wonderful.  XOXO
Margaux colors May. She was very serious about coloring her in. She did a fantastic job! She gave her a neon vest!
Yamila coloring her doll. She did such a wonderful job coloring Katie and Moose. Happy Birthday Yamila!
Betsy Johnson came to Dumbelle today! A true fashion icon. She celebrates all things girlie and fun so she’s right up our alley.  She’s just like Sunny.  A real original.  Dumbelle loves Betsy!
This is Layla and Ella. Aren’t they the coolest!!!! Ella had on a tutu and Layla had on a faux fur jacket Sunny would have flipped over! Layla likes Moose and Ella is going to be making some paper jewelry to wear. Moose is going to have a nice home. Come back soon Ladies!
This is Heaven! And her sister Lyric! Aren’t they ADORABELLE! I love their outfits! So lady like! Heaven’s birthday is in May. She like’s May because of her name. I think that’s sweet.
This little one is McKenzie. She’s a living doll! Grandma is hanging with the girls today. Her Mom Sharon owns one of the businesses in THE SHOPS. She and her husband sell gorgeous African artisan pieces. Check them out!
This little cutie is Flora. She came by with her Mom and Dad. She chose Katie as her favorite and got a page and a doll to color. I hope she likes it. Come back soon Flora! XO
Well, a celebrity came in this weekend… FLAT STANLEY! The girls gave him a fine Dumbelle welcome! He visited us by way of Emalynn Gamero’s uncle. Thanks Emalynn for thinking of Dumbelle! He fit in perfectly! He’s welcome back anytime! And so are you! XOXO
This is Selah. She’s from Florida. She came to NYC to visit and saw “How To Succeed in Business” with Nick Jonas. She got to take a photo with him and also got him to sign her Capeezio bag! She’s a dancer and got the May ballet page to color. I hope she enjoys it!
This Adorabelle is Ariann. She and her Mom came in on their way from church. Isn’t she lovely? Come back soon Ariann!
Frequent visitors to Dumbelle are Jay and his nieces and nephew: Athena, Alexis and Peter. Aren’t they the sweetest? Athena likes Katie because she thinks she’s popular. And she’s right. Katie’s everyone’s favorite. Mainly because she’s a sweetheart. Just like Athena.
Jessie gives some love to the dolls.
This is Jessie on St Patrick’s Day. She’s wearing her Mom’s green top as a dress. Something Sunny would do. Isn’t she clever! And Adorabelle!
This is Caroline! She celebrated her 9th birthday at Dumbelle. Isn’t she the cutest?! I heart her! Look at her gorgeous GREEN cake she and her Mom cooked up! Have you ever?! Awesome!!! XOXO!
All the girls!!! Sophie, Fay, Juliet, Tori, Caroline, Niamh, Mieke and Denali!
Caroline looks so happy, don’t you think? Her Dad is BEAMING! Her cake is green! Which is ever so special! A green cake! with flowers covering the top! She made it with her Mom. I love it! Happy Birthday Cutie!
The girls color!
The girls pose in Crowns and necklaces!
This is Juliet. She’s going to be in a fashion show at Bloomingdales!!! How amazing is that?! She is lovely, don’t you think? This will be her second fashion show, so she’s a seasoned model already!
This is Faye. She was so helpful at the party. She helped me program the music! She is WAY into computers! She is awesome!
This is Mieke. She drew this incredible drawing for Caroline!!! How amazing is that?! Keep drawing Mieke! You have a talent for it!
Caroline strikes pose #2! This one was awesome! The Beatles bring out something extra special in her!
Caroline strikes a pose whilst singing to a Beatles song!
Sophie really likes the crayons at Dumbelle!!!
This is Caroline and her Mom Stephanie and their paper dolls they colored. Stephanie solicited applause from the crowd for her efforts. Well deserved, I think! And Caroline did a beautiful job coloring Katie for the wedding. These two are lovely, don’t you think?
How happy does Georgia look?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGIA! May your every wish come true! XOXO!  Georgia had her birthday at Dumbelle this weekend!  We had the best time!  She has been a featured Adorabelle on the blog in earlier posts.  Check her out by scrolling down.  She’s amazing!  And she has some awesome friends and family!
Here is Georgia and her fabulous cake that she and her mom made together. There are M&M’s on them that form a 9! Cool, right?!  Georgia is super into polka dots!!! So the cake had to be on trend!
Mali’s birthday present to Georgia was the top Georgia is wearing! Isn’t that cute? Georgia didn’t want to be “too dressed up for her party” so Mali hooked her up with this fabulous tee. Georgia wears it perfectly!
Lily was a hoot! She kept saying it was HER birthday. And insisted her name was spelled incorrectly on the cake. Hilarious!
Georgia invited Kayla, Lily, Louisa, Mali, Luna, Ksenjia and Hailey! Here they are coloring paperdolls. They all related to different characters. Some were combinations of them!
This is Kayla. A total sweetheart! Her favorite color is bright pink! But not baby pink. Dark bright pink to be exact. Just like the color she’s wearing.
This is Luisa. She made quick work of her paperdolls. She colored faster than anyone and beautifully, I might add….
Ksenjia (on the left) has known Georgia forever! She’s sporting a tan from her vacation in Puerto Rico!  And she had such a sophisticated color sense.  I love the way she colored Sunny!
Hailey blows a bubble! Luna and Mali are having fun coloring Katie!
This is Georgia! She celebrated her 9th birthday at Dumbelle with her closest friends and her parents. Here she’s coloring away! She wears the number 13 EVERYDAY because she loves Taylor Swift! Her friends make fun of her but she doesn’t care! I love that! She goes her own way!
Remember Claire? The girl with FOUR bunnies? Well she’s back! This time with a fantastic bunny hat! How fabulous! I love this girl!  I am going to call her “Claire Bunny” from now on. This time she chose a Katie page to color. I can’t wait to see what she does with it!  Come back soon Claire!
Munah comes to visit and brings her friend Destiny with her. Aren’t they sweet?!
Saoirse’s favorite designer is CHANEL. I have to whole heartedly agree with that fine choice! A girl after my own heart! We had such fun coloring together. I can’t wait for her to come back! XOXO!
Saoirse colors like a pro! A yellow bridesmaid’s dress! GORGEOUSLY INVENTIVE!!!!
Sweet Saoirse came to visit. She colored for a while wearing a tiara and jeweled choker. Who could blame her?
Mara fell in love with Moose during her visit. I was raining buckets out and she and her mom got a coloring page so they might have an indoor activity. A good plan, I thought. XO
Evelyn and Leah love to color as much as the girls do! They did a great job! Everyone did!!!
Aren’t they the sweetest? We had so much fun!
Everybody colors!
This is Evelyn and her son. She colored Katie and he colored Moose! The perfect pair!
This is the Guttman family! They came to color at Dumbelle! We had the best time together! Katie was a popular choice amongst the girls. Come back soon! XOXO!!!
This is Claire. She just turned 8 and she and her mom chose eight special things to do together this year to celebrate. I’m so lucky and honored one of the eight things was to come to Dumbelle. Claire chose to color Sunny. She thinks she’s the most like her. I agree. She did a fantastic job coloring Sunny as well! Come back soon Claire!
Their future is so bright they’ve got to wear shades!
Georgia, Ella, Zoe and Amelia came by to visit.
This cutie is Georgia. She could not be cuter!
This is Julia. She tried on some paper jewelry. Adorabelle, no?
This is Lucy. She got a Katie page as a gift and came in and got the exact same one again she liked it so much! I love that! I wonder how different she’ll make the second one….
Crystal made a guest appearance at the party!
Katherine and Jessie prove that coloring is for every age! Katherine is coloring Katie’s bridesmaid page for her son’s wedding coming up. And Jessie is helping her. Jessie’s the best helper ever!
Saoirse wore the sweetest outfit to the party. And ruby slippers!!!!! XOXO
Jessie got a haircut! I think it’s super! She donned an umbrella in her hair during the party. So cute!!!
Georgia colored Katie at the Fashion Week party. She gave her colorful streaks in her hair!!! So creative!
Ella came to the Fashion event in sequined jeans. FABULOUS!
Sweet Amelia! I love her dinosaur jacket! She’s such a sweetheart!
Zoe at the Fashion Week party! She’s dressed like Sunny! So cute!!!
This Adore-a-belle is Chloe. She’s AWESOME! How cool is her outfit?! Her jacket is killer and she designed her sneakers herself. She has colored Sunny and Katie and came in today to get May. She likes May because she has a bunny (Bunny Bunny) just like Chloe has. But Chloe has four bunnies. FOUR! How wonderful. You can tell that Chloe has a lot of love to spread around. Come back soon Chloe! I hope to see you Thursday at the Fashion Week party! XO
This is Georgia. She is a paper doll enthusiast of the highest order. She creates her own paperdolls. See the gorgeous one in her hand? She named her Sophie. Georgia also created a magazine that she showed me at Dumbelle. It was amazing. She’s so talented and creative and has a passion for fashion! She may be the next great designer or editor.
This is Amelie. Named after one of my favorite movies of all time!!!! She and her mom came a long way to Dumbelle! I hope they come back soon!
Jessie’s back!!! Dumbelle’s youngest “intern” Jessie helps out at the store. She created this window display for me! She’s so helpful. Plus she’s the sweetest best girl ever!!!! XOXO!!!
Are you in love yet? This cutie is Munah! Heart melting smile… You can see straight into her soul.  Such a lovely girl.  She loves Dumbelle and Dumbelle loves her back!
Dumbelle is set for Maddy’s party!
This is Madeleine (Maddy for short). She celebrated her birthday at Dumbelle! She’s a sweetheart. She turned nine and invited her closest friends to celebrate with her. We colored and made paperdolls. She and her friends are so stylish! They all chose characters based on their personalities. Maddy says she’s like”May”. One of her friends said she was “a mix of Sunny and Katie”. The girls chose the doll they wanted to color based on their own personalities.
Carmel, Simone, Jordana, Abby, Maddy, Sasha, Sophie, Mack, and Skylar color around the table.
It’s Madeleine’s birthday at Dumbelle! She invited nine of her BFFs! This is Skylar, Sarai, (Madeleine) and Sasha!
Maddy’s Mom, Liz, got in on the coloring and colored a May doll. She has hidden coloring skills! She colored like a pro!
BFFs Jessie and Devon stop by for a coloring session with Jessie’s Mom and her Aunt. Remember when they colored the cloth dolls back in December? These girls are awesome! Jessie sang “Firework” for us to a standing ovation and Devon performed original songs! Singing and coloring go hand in hand.
Devon made a pink Katie & Moose costume for me. I’ve always wanted someone to make a pink bear and she did it just for me! XO
Jessie and Devon color their dolls. Jessie colored in Sunny with pink hair!  Then made quick work of May!
The girls show us some of the finished dolls.  Devon colored Katie.  Her outfit looks so cute!
The girls make up songs about the Belles!  Moose too!
This is Georgia. She’s a LOVES paper dolls! And fashion! No wonder Dumbelle caught her eye! She and her Mom were walking by and had to stop in. Georgia wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. She already creates her own paper dolls and their clothes. Check out her outfit! TRES CHIC, no?  She definitely has style!  She’s going to have her birthday party right here at Dumbelle! And I couldn’t be more excited! XO
Ella and Sofie are in a band called Precious Pumas! Ella (on the left) is the lead singer and Sofie plays the guitar, piano and harmonica. Sofie is a self taught harmonica player. That band ROCKS! I can’t wait to hear them play!  How cool!
Sofie, in the front, colored Sunny. She chose her because she relates to the way she dresses. I couldn’t agree more. They both have a super cute quirky style. And Sofie wants to be fashion designer or an artist when she grows up. She did a great job coloring Sunny’s outfits. She’s going to be a terrific designer!
Check out Ella’s page! She chose Katie because she relates to her. I think she even looks like her. When Ella grows up she wants to be FIVE things: A fashion designer, a cook, a pastry chef, a singer and a dancer. She’s going to be exhausted! But FABULOUS!!!
Ella and Sofie color together during a BFF session at Dumbelle.
This is Imani and her BFF Minnesota. Just like May and her BFF, Bunny Bunny! It’s nice to have a BFF. Especially one that makes you smile like that!
This is Imani and her Aunt Jane. They have amazing smiles, don’t they? Jane is a generous Aunt. She gifted Katie and Sunny to Imani for Christmas and Imani couldn’t wait to see the store in person so they dropped by for a very nice visit.
Meredith is back! She dropped by to color with her Mom. She didn’t get to finish Sunny, but she did an awesome job, don’t you think?! XO
These Adorabelles are Airynn and Arionne. They are sisters. They dropped in to color and to ride the carousel with their Mom, Renee, and her friend Janice. They were all so sweet. We had the best time coloring together. Come back soon Ladies!
Arionne chose to color Katie. She did an amazing job. She loves dogs and told me that they are going to get a “tea cup” dog when she turns ten. She plans on naming it “Brooklyn”. Her sister wants to call it “Ari”, which happens to be Arionne’s nick name. I suggested “Brooklynari” as a compromise….
Here is Airynn’s finished page. She colored Sunny with pink hair!!! Awesome! Check out Airynn’s outfit. She loves tutus! So do I! Especially sparkly ones mixed with polka dots!
This is Ari. She wants to be a writer and illustrator one day. She already created a story about a cricket and a rabbit. She has an incredible imagination and is super sweet. She colored her crown red and pink.
This is Airynn. She’s a real fashionista. She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. Her favorite character is Sunny because she is a trend setter just like Airynn is. Airynn colored the crown she is wearing in her signature colors: pink and purple. Check out the pink braid in her hair. Fabulous!
This Adorabelle is Jonathan. He and his wife stopped by Dumbelle to say hello. They are expecting a baby boy soon. I hope he’s as excited about paper dolls as his Dad is!
Njeri stopped by with her mom for more paper dolls after she got some for Christmas. I was so happy to see them. And so happy to know that Njeri enjoyed making them so much! It’s just another month or so until the new Spring collection comes out for Fashion Week in February.
Zoe and Esme are BFFs 4ever! Here they are at a BFF coloring session at Dumbelle. They’ve been best friends since kindergarten.  Zoe’s favorite character is Sunny and Esme’s is May.  ADORABELLE!
Zoe wants to be an artist and a singer. Esme wants to be a fashion designer. Both are incredibly creative and love art.
Zoe and Esme sing while they color. They are in a band called “Water Blow”. Zoe (in front) is the lead singer. She sang “Rolling in the Deep” for me to perfection.  We will be paying big money to hear them perform some day…mark my words.  These ladies are awesome!
Esme is the guitarist in band.
The BFFs take a synchronized Pixy Stix break.
Here are the girls with their dolls. Nicely done Ladies!
Jess and Devon colored their dolls at a their sleep over. They did an amazing job, don’t you think? I especially love the snow flakes!!
This is Ali. She is awesome! She studied at NYU and worked at Dewey’s Candy. She is moving home to Minneapolis. I hope it’s a kind winter there for this Adorabelle. We will miss you Ali. Come back soon! XOXO
Ella and Amelia stop by after a visit to Dewey’s Candy. They are sisters and Ella got a BFF coloring session for Christmas. I can’t wait to meet her BFF!
Carlene is adorabelle!
Adorabelle sisters!
Jess made these pages for me after our coloring session together. I wanted to share them with everyone because they are so wonderful. She made these poems about the Belles. They are so clever and incredibly accurate, loving descriptions of the girls (and Moose). I hope you like them as much as I do. Thank you SO much Jess. I love them and am over joyed to have them.  XOXOX!
Sunny is a total individual. So “unique” is the best way to describe her!
Moose is definitely silly! Right again, Jess!
Katie IS kind. That’s my favorite quality of hers. I love that Jess picked up on that! I think it’s because Jess has the same quality herself.  Thanks again Jess!  XO
Remember Jess?  She came in with her Mom and Aunt to have a coloring session.  The Ladies are coloring May in DUMBO. Jessie and her Mom tackle the clothes while Aunt Susan makes quick work of May.  We had so much fun!!
We had so much fun coloring together! Jess and her mom are an awesome team!
Jess colors in May’s outfits! So creative! I love the pattern she created on May’s tee! She’s a natural designer!
The finished product!!! It looks amazing! Now they get to cut them out! I can’t wait to see what May looks like with her new wardrobe! Come back soon Ladies! XO
This is Jess! She was on her way to a sleep over. Isn’t her outfit ADORABELLE?! I love it. So cool and creative. She’s a sweetheart!
The Ladies and their creations! We had the best time together! Come back soon! XO
This is Jodi and her daughter Beanie. They are BFFs 4Ever! They had a real girls night out that started at the carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park, then revved up at Dewey’s candy and Dumbelle for a coloring session and ended at the River Cafe! Now that’s a girl’s night out!!! ADORABELLE!
This is Meredith. Check out the jewelry. She came with her Grandma Peggy and brother Greg. She colored Katie. She did an amazing job coloring a paisley pattern on Katie’s top! She is awesome. I had the best time with her!
This is Meredith’s colored page. Check out the paisley print she colored!!! Excellent job!
This is Balladine. She has the best braces ever! Amazing colored bands. Such a sweet heart!
This is Sadie. She has the best bangs ever!!! And that FABULOUS sweater she is wearing was knitted by her Mom!!! Such a stylish family! XO
This is Dash. She has wax lips on at Dumbelle. I like to keep these lips on hand for spontaneous moments like this one. I love you Dash!
This is Zoe. Striking a pose!!! I love this girl. She came in with her gorgeous family. Her brother Zachary came in too! I love it when boys can appreciate Dumbelle!
This adorable little one came in and bought markers. One green and one blue. She must have something really important to color!!!
This is Amaqui. Look at those curls!!! She just had her hair done. Isn’t she lovely? Come back soon Amaqui!
This sweetheart likes fashion and art. She and her mom are going to come color at Dumbelle together. I can’t wait!!!
This Adorabelle is Gabriela. She’s excited for her upcoming communion! I can’t wait to see her dress!
This is Alaya! Our newest Adoreabelle!  How sweet is that face?! Alaya says she likes May because, “She has curly hair like me.” We made a sand bag for her paper doll today at Dumbelle (I put sand bags inside the paper dolls to keep them from knocking over easily). She was so taken with this idea, that we made one on the spot.  Her Dad says she’s really into science! She has a lovely sense of wonder.  She’s a total sweetheart. Come back soon Alaya!  🙂
This Adorabelle came to visit from Long Island. She came with her fantastic family to visit DUMBO. She had the most fantastic Nike sneakers on that she designed herself online! Plus she’s a Blogger! XO
This is a sweet, happy family. The baby is Pippa. She just woke up from a nap. Just in time to be Adorabelle.
This is Molly. Every year she gets the same coat… Just one size bigger. I hope they never stop making that coat! And I can’t wait to see Molly in ten years!!! I heart Hello Kitty!
Isabel is Adorabelle!
How chic is Natalie? VERY chic if you ask me! XO
I love this girl!!!! Alexandra the Great!
Bianca’s amazing designs!!! Bianca has an 80’s flair! Check out the leggings on Katie! The new Jams! Bianca designed the jewelry she is wearing and wants to be a designer. She colored Katie is LSU colors for her Dad’s favorite team! Her Mom’s favorite team is Rome! Come back soon Bianca, Roman and Tiziana! XOXO
This is Roman’s drawing of Moose and his dog house. The door is yellow and the sun is blue. Bianca is a tulip and sunflower expert so she’s responsible for the posies. Roman and Bianca are so sweet together. You can tell they really like each other. Bianca was so excited to add to his drawings and Roman wanted her help. Can we all agree that this is the perfect home for Moose?    I sure do.
Bianca and Roman came to color today! We had so much fun!!!
Olivia came for a coloring session. We colored Sunny paper dolls and we even made paper patterns for her doll so she can make pants and tank tops for her. We had so much fun! And check out the Missoni for Target skirt Olivia is wearing! Plus Tory Burch boots! She’s a fashion insider and a budding fashion designer. She has designed three outfits and wore them down the runway! Tres chic!
Noli and Sebrina turned it out for Halloween!!! They were the highlight of the evening on the Dumbelle Halloween Runway. Look at those costumes! Sebrina’s face was completely colored black. It was amazing. And Noli looked like royalty. Tres Chic, Ladies!
This little butterfly was trick or treating!
Happy Birthday Sarah!!!

Here are the girls in their wax lips and mustaches! And with their gorgeous creations! These are Sarah’s dearest friends.  I’m so glad to have met them.

The girls share colors

The birthday girl has begun to make her own clothes for Sunny. She made three outfits for her during the party. They were all fantastic!
The girls arrive!
The girls with their fancy fizzy drinks!

Sarah and Anya are BFFs! Sarah colors with her wax lips on.


Amina and the girls get busy coloring.
Maddie and Ruby put on each others friendship bracelets.
Sarah’s introduces her friends to Sunny.
Sarah celebrated her birthday at Dumbelle! Here she is with her Sunny Themed Cake.
This is Anik and her little sister Menna (pronounced Mee-Na). Menna is experimenting with spelling her name at the moment. Today it had two Ns… Anik is a big collector of paper dolls. I sure hope she likes mine!
This happy little family is just a small section of a large family! The little one on the right is one of triplets! They were such a nice family. They were all so full of wonder. It was very sweet. I can’t wait for the day when the all come in! I’m going to have to get more bubbles!
Marliena and her “Girls with Dogs” coloring page. She admits she is “impatient” but she diligently colored the leaves on the tree until there were none. Nicely done, Marliena. She also helped me out around the store and treated me to a cookie. Thanks Marliena! See you soon!
This is Njeri and her mom Kenya. Aren’t they adorabelle?!! Njeri is an artist and aspiring designer. I have a feeling that following her creative dreams is going to lead to her happiness and success. Come back soon Ladies!
This is Sally. She’s like a real life Betty Boop!
This is the lovely Gay Gay and Mia. Lovely Mother and Daughter. Mia is a set designer who played with paper dolls when she was young. And Gay Gay is her fabulous mom visiting from D.C. How amazing are they? I believe that creative play nurtures not only dreams and imagination, but lasting bonds and memories. These two are a perfect example of that. I’m so happy to have met them.
This is Jackie! All the way from Chicago! Her favorite team is the White Sox. I bet she’s going to color Katie and Moose in their colors. Have a fun time in NYC Jackie and come back soon!
This is Cleo! She has curly hair just like her Mom… and me too!  She was excited to visit the store. I can’t wait until she comes back!
This is Isabel. A real sweet heart. She loved Dumbelle! And Dumbelle loves her too!
These ladies are from Israel. They came in over the summer. Happy Holidays Ladies!
This is Jane. Is your heart melting yet? She is so sweet. She just finished a Jacques Torres hot chocolate she had at a birthday party. She is going to be a princess for Halloween. She thinks I should be a fairy for Halloween so that’s what I will be! I don’t want to disappoint this sweetheart! She came in with her Mom and her brother Charlie. I hope to see them all soon. XOXO
This sweet heart is Molly. Check out the outfit. Could you just die?! GORGEOUS! She reminds me of Sunny. They have the same cool kooky style. And they both wear glasses. Molly had the coolest glasses I’ve ever seen!!! Come back soon Molly!
This is Cameron and Josh. Two of my dearest friends. They got a Moose pillow for Cameron’s lovely niece Hazel. I hope she likes him. Hazel is featured in one of the drawings on the blog (as Katie) as Hazel was a bridesmaid at Cam and Josh’s dreamy wedding a few months ago. XOXO!
These ladies are AMAZING! Becky is one of the most amazingly talented painters/illustrators I have ever met and Kathryn is a gorgeous vocalist. They are ADORABELLE! I am so happy to have met them. Thanks for coming in ladies!! Thumbs UP and much love!
This is Iona and her mom. They came in from Philly.  They came to hang out in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan because Brooklyn is so cool! How amazing is that?!  Iona bought a doll for herself and also for her best friend Pia. How sweet is that? I hope they had fun in Brooklyn! And I hope they come back soon. XO
This is Nia and Ashanti with their brother. They came in with their Dad. They were so sweet and cute! Such a sweet family! Those smiles just melt my heart!
These ladies design for Brooklyn Industries right here in DUMBO. They popped in on their lunch break for a few moments. They were sweet and lovely.
Zina colored her Katie doll at Dumbelle with me. We had fun together. She’s a total sweetheart. She wants to work for Dumbelle someday. I can’t wait! I need all the help I can get! XO
This is Noli. She is a frequent visitor to Dumbelle, along with her sister. Today she came by with her Dad. She tried on a crown. She looked gorgeous in it! Come back soon Noli!
This is Marley! Isn’t she lovely?!  She came to visit with her Dad.  She is a paper doll enthusiast So I am thrilled that she likes my paper dolls!  She looks just like Katie!  She creates her own stories with paper dolls.  If she comes for a coloring session, we can create her own characters to go with her stories.  She’s so creative!  Just ask her Dad!
This is Kalina! She bought a present for her friends who are twins! She says they look like Katie. So she got the Katie and Moose Halloween cards. They are dressed as bears but one card has them as Panda bears and the other as Teddy bears. She liked this because she says even though they’re twins, they don’t dress alike…
This is Claire. She and her Mom came by Dumbelle. Claire wants some coloring sessions! I can’t wait! She likes to color as much as I do!!!
This is Crystal. A regular guest star at Dumbelle and one of my dearest friends! She helped me out over the DUMBO Arts Festival. She’s one of Dumbelle’s biggest fans!
Marliena came by to help me out during the festival. She’s also my good luck charm! XOXO!
These beauties are Tracey, Sydney, and Charley. The girls like Katie! Tracey, their mom likes Sunny!
Mia in her paper tiara! Adorabelle!


This is Mia and her Mom. They are dressed in butterflies! So beautiful!

This is Kalina! She bought a present for her friends who are twins! She says they look like Katie. So she got the Katie and Moose Halloween cards. They are dressed as bears but one card has them as Panda bears and the other as Teddy bears. She liked this because she says even though they’re twins, they don’t dress alike…

This little spark plug is Vera! She and her brother popped in over the weekend. She reminds me of “Blossom”.


This is Amara! Isn’t she the cutest?!! Come back soon!!!

This is Kris! She works for Dumbelle part time. She is the genius behind the doll houses and the sweetest person you could ever meet!
This is Asha and Kayla! They are the cutest. They came to visit during the DUMBO Arts Festival!
This is Autumn Bear and her best friend Dallas! Look for them in our upcoming “Girls with Dogs” series of coloring pages!
Meet Charlotte. Our newest Adorabelle!
Sarah colors Sunny!
Audrey colors her jewelry!
Melissa and Dash stopped by for Mocktails! They actually came by TWICE! Now that’s love! XOXO!
I heart Zina! She colored in a coloring page. Look how wonderful! There’s a car and a scooter and gorgeous flowers too! She’s an artist and I’m going to visit her studio during the DUMBO Arts Festival. I can’t wait!
Lola came by and colored Katie! She was still in the summer mode, so she colored Moose and Katie at the Beach. I’m so glad she came!
This is Maria. She’s Audrey’s fabulous mom. She colored Audrey’s jewelry with her. They were a good team because that jewelry was fantastic!
Two of my favorite girls on the planet dropped by! Saorise bought the entire fall collection of all the Belles. Something to look forward to after homework!!
Audrey and her mom colored the paper jewelry. Fabulous, don’t you think?
This is Sarah and her completed Sunny page! She did such a great job! She mixed neutral colored separates with wildly colored pieces. So clever. Sarah definitely has style!
This is Sarah and her grandma Ronnie. They were the first to arrive at Dumbelle for Fashion’s Night Out. We had so much fun! Sarah was the first person ever to color in Sunny’s new Fall wardrobe. She did an amazing job. And Ronnie helped me put some finishing touches on our soiree… How nice is that? Thanks Ronnie and Sarah! I’m so glad you came! XOXO
This lovely young lady is named Clementine. Isn’t that the best name you ever heard?! She’s so sweet! She came in with her Dad yesterday. She likes plain bagels with cream cheese just like I do. She also likes Katie, just like me too… Come back soon, darling Clementine!
These lovely ladies came to visit me today. They are Jayda and Zoe from Chicago. They came with their mom Lindy.  They were the sweetest family! Jayda likes Katie the best and Zoe really likes the Girls with Dogs… not to mention Pixie Stix!   ADORABELLE!  Be safe during the hurricane!  And come back soon!
These cuties are sporting the paper jewelry at the Dumbelle stand at JamOnDumbo. Aren’t they adorabelle?!
This is Heide! She owns a company called She makes report cards for kids to rate their parents! Pretty cool right? She came in for a coloring session. She colored May. She was very serious about her coloring! Her page looked awesome! Perhaps she will send a photo of it once it is completed! Thanks for the cookies Heide! And come back soon!!!
This is Viviane. Dumbelle’s #1 fan in Brazil! She loves her Katie postcard. Bikinis and Brazil: The perfect match! Thanks for sending this photo Vivi!!
This beauty is my niece Emily. Her favorite character is May. She came all the way from Boston to visit Dumbelle! She’s a total sweet heart! I can’t wait to see what she does with her paper dolls! I love you Emily!
This is Sarah. She’s coloring Sunny. She and her best friend like Sunny the best of all the characters. Sarah is going to send her a Sunny postcard from sleep-away camp. They both want to be fashion designers! Isn’t that cool? She’s an expert colorer.  I taught her some shading techniques today.   Have fun at camp Sarah!!
This is lovely Lia. She really liked the Dumbelle and the paper dolls. She said, “It’s so creative…” Which is such a wonderful compliment. Thanks for coming in Lia! Check out the tutorial to learn how to make the spines for the dolls.
This beauty is Alice! Those are rhinestones all around her glasses in case you can’t tell. She’s super fabulous! She reminds me of Sunny. She uses her clothing to express herself. A fearless dresser with style! A future designer to boot!
BOYS AT DUMBELLE! Ming and Yang draw and color!
This is Yang. Ming’s twin brother. His drawings are landscapes with fantastic dinosaurs! And a volcano! Cool!
This is my dear friend Keven. She is visiting NYC from Taiwan with her twin boys. This is MIng. He drew Superman and a truck and a robot! Very colorful!

Saoirse is Adorabelle!

Saoirse brought her paper dolls into the “Paper Doll Hospital” at Dumbelle. We gave them spines and reinforced weak areas like the necks and May’s umbrella. I also cut slits for her so they can wear their sunglasses! It was so much fun!

Saoirse gets serious about coloring!
Mia in her jewels!
Mia's mom said when she put the jewelry on she exclaimed, "I am a princess!" I couldn't agree more!
This is Mia.  Her mom said that when she put the jewelry on she exclaimed, “I am a princess!”  I couldn’t agree more.

This is LaLa and her Mom. She looks just like May!!! She has on the paper jewelry that I made for younger girls like her. Ages 2-6. Isn’t she cute. Like May walked right into Dumbelle!

This is Crystal and Lola. Crystal is a very dear friend of mine and Lola is her best friend. Crystal was a special guest star at Dumbelle last weekend. She managed the store for me while I was away at a wedding.  Lola had hair pins in her hair for Pete’s sake!  They really turned it out for Dumbelle!  How cute are they?!  If I had uniforms, they would definitely be exactly like this!  I can’t thank Crystal enough!  She and Lola will also appear in the series: “Girls with Dogs”.  Watch out out for it!Remember Love? Remember when she cut all my postcards into paperdolls? Well this time she took my marketing postcard and colored and cut May’s head from it. Then she applied to one of the I<3NY postcards that she cut out…. Then she hung it from one of the lanterns…. Love thinks of everything.

This is Asha in the blue. She’s a sharp one. Sunny is her favorite character. She says she likes her because she dresses up. She is sharp as a tack and incredibly sweet. It was so much fun coloring together!

This is Vaiya. I hope I spelled her name right! She was visiting her cousin and came for a coloring session. She is the sweetest. She wants to be a vet and she loves dogs and Asha wants to be just like her!  I don’t blame her!

This is Marleina. And Raider. She colored Katie like a pro plus she helped me out around the store. How awesome is she? …Pretty awesome. Just saying.

These ladies were on a girls outing. They were sweet and pretty.

This is Marleina inking her drawings.  She made Katie a brunette and Moose a black pug. She also gave Katie freckles! Ingenius!   If you look closely, you can see where she’s using scrap paper to test her colors before she inks the drawing.  That way she’s sure to get the color she wants before she colors them in. That’s a good tip for when you color yours in!
This is Imani. She colored the coloring page here at Dumbelle with me. It’s the first in a series called “Girls with Dogs”. I love the way she colored it. She’s very talented as you can see. She also happens to be my gorgeous neice! But I’m not biased at all…
This is Lola. She visited Dumbelle today. Twice.  She came back because I was closed.  But she was patient and determined I think.  I was happy to see that she and her mom came back.  She’s going to color “May loves DUMBO” because she loves DUMBO as much as May does.

This is Jules.  She loves hearts.  Mainly because she’s a sweetheart.   She’s a much loved babysitter, henna wizard and future nurse.  What a blessing that she wants to be a nurse.  Kind hearts heal.  So it’s fitting she loves hearts.  She also loves crafts.  She was excited to get the Sunny paper dolls.  She’s in her 20’s so it also proves that coloring is cool at any age.

This is Madison. Our latest Adore-a-belle. She is wearing a tutu just like May! Come back soon Madison!!!

This is Rebecca and her grand mother from Houston. She got Moose & Katie and paid for it with her own money! ADORE-A-BELLE!
This is Love. She bought almost every postcard that I carry. She suggested we cut them into paper dolls. Pretty Smart, don’t you think?! I would have never thought to do that. But Love is full of good ideas.
This is Saoirse. I’v known her since she was born. I give her a kiss on her forehead every time I see her. She’s Dumbelle”s #1 Fan. She’s also the voice behind the movie at She even played instruments on it with the composer and musician Lon Kaiser on the soundtrack.
This is Audrey. She’s coloring in a doll from our premiere collection.


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    We love your website. It’s so cool! We especially love your A Drawing A Day. Good luck! We love you!

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