I like Brian Sullivan’s sculpture.  A LOT! He is a gifted fine artist.  His remarkable sensitivity brings such tenderness to stone.  Thank Goodness he is offering his beautiful hand cast palm-sized figures at affordable prices under his Romey + Remus label.  Bronze baby figures to mark a birth.  Male and female torsos that feel like they escaped some museum to your living room.

For more information contact kelley@romeyandremus.com  Read more about Brian and his art and be the first to own these beautiful fine art objects that are destined to become family heirlooms:

Baby figurines
Male and female studies

New York City-born fine artist Brian Sullivan lives and works in Brooklyn.

Under the Romey + Remus label he sells intimately-sized works of art, each piece literally handcrafted from start to finish.

Both the baby figurines and the male and female companion torso studies are evocative descriptions of the human form
that speak also of the evidence of hand; the true essence of an artist’s life.

Conceived first in wax then cast in bronze, each piece is finished with a unique patina derived by the artist.
Each patina is more alchemy than precise science thus, each one is distinct to the individual piece, no two will ever be the same.

Bronze is a material that develops its own history, meaning its color will change over time as the patina becomes enriched through handling.
The oils in skin reacting with the metal will bring out warmer tones on the points of greatest contact, while the recesses will remain darker.

The male and female figure studies were inspired by Hellenistic Greek sculpture.

Moved in the last weeks of his wife’s first pregnancy to create a lasting memento of the milestone of bearing a child,
the baby figurines speak to the inexplicable beauty of new life. 

kelley@romeyandremus.com for more information

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